class sherpa.schedulers.SGEScheduler(submit_options, environment, output_dir='')[source]

Submits jobs to SGE, can check on their status, and kill jobs.

Uses drmaa Python library. Due to the way SGE works it cannot distinguish between a failed and a completed job.

  • submit_options (str) – command line options such as queue -q, or -P for project, all written in one string.
  • environment (str) – the path to a file that contains environment variables; will be sourced before job is run.
  • output_dir (str) – path to directory in which stdout and stderr will be written to. If not specified this will use the same as defined for the study.
class sherpa.schedulers.LocalScheduler(submit_options='', output_dir='', resources=None)[source]

Runs jobs locally as a subprocess.

  • submit_options (str) – options appended before the command.
  • resources (list[str]) – list of resources that will be passed as SHERPA_RESOURCE environment variable. If no resource is available ‘’ will be passed.